Battles, Skirmishes and
Engagements 1899-1902

Listed here are the dates of various battles, skirmishes and engagements. Although not all are covered the in tention is to list as many as possible. Where more information is available then details of the battle will appear on a separate page.

12th October 1899
Boers invade Natal and Cape Colony
14th October 1899
Investment of Mafeking and Kimberley
Battle of Talana Hill
21st October 1899
Battle of Elandslaagte Station
23rd October 1899
Battle of Dundee
30th October 1899
Battle of Ladysmith: siege begins
November 1899
Armoured train incident near Chieveley, Churchill captured
23rdNovember 1899
Battle of Belmont
25thNovember 1899
Battale of Graspan, (Enslin); Engagement at Carter's Ridge (Lazaretskop), Kimberley, Cape Colony
28th November 1899
Battle of Modder River (Tweeriviere); Engagement at Carter's Ridge, (Lazarets Hill), Kimberley, Cape Colony
8th December 1899
Skirmish at Rensburgstasie, Colesberg; E ngagement, Lombardskop, Ladysmith
9th December 1899
Skirmish at Kamfersdam, Kimberley
10th December 1899
Battle of Stormberg; Engagement at Vaalkop (Surprise Hill), Ladysmith; Attack fort near Mafeking
11th-12th December 1899
Battle of Magersfontein
12th December 1899
Attack on Arundel Station, Colesberg; Skirmish near Bloudraai, (Soutpansdrif), Orange Free State
15th December 1899
Battle of Colenso, Natal
24th December 1899
Skirmish, Joubertskop, Dordrecht, Cape Colony
26th December 1899
Skirmish, Game Tree Fort (Platboomfort), Mafeking
30th December 1899
Engagement near Labuschagnesnek, Dordrecht, Cape Colony
1st-5th January 1900
Engagement at Jasfontein, Plewmanhalte, Grassy Hill (Graskop) and Skietfontein, Colesberg, Cape Colony
3rd January 1900
Engagement, Syfergat (Stormberg/Molteno), Cape Colony
10th January 1900
Skirmish, Agtertang Station ; Slingerfontein, Colesberg Cape Colony
14th January 1900
Skirmish, Bastersnek (Plessispoort), Colesberg, Cape Colony
15th January 1900
Engagement at Swartrand, Skirmish near Rensburgstasie, Colesberg, Cape Colony
17th January 1900
Skirmish, Wright's Farm, Upper-Tugela, Natal; Skirmish, Colesberg Bridge, Colesberg, Cape Colony
18th January 1900
Engagement: Acton Homes, Upper-Tugela, Natal
20th-22nd January 1900
Battle of Tabanyama, Natal
23rd-24th January 1900
Battle of Spionkop
5th-7th February 1900
Battle of Vaalkrantz (Vaalkrans), Natal
9th February 1900
Skirmish, Australian Hill, Colesberg, Cape Colony
10th February 1900
Skirmish, Basternek/Hobkirk’s Farm, Colesberg, Cape Colony
11th February 1900
Engagement , Wolwekraal, Orange Free State
12th February 1900
Engagement at Keeromkop
Skirmish: Waterval and Dekiels Drift, Riet River, Orange Free State; Shirmish Bosrant, Tugela; Shirmish McCracken's Hill, Colesberg
14th February 1900
Skirmish: Hussar Hill, Natal; Alexanderfontein, Kimberley
15th February 1900
Relief of Kimberley; engagements: Roodekalkfontein,(Rondawelsdrif); Waterval Drift, Bloubank, Orange Free State
16th February 1900
Engagement: Bossiespan, Drieputs and Roodekalkfontein; Dronfield and Mcfarlane (Kimberley)
17th February 1900
Skirmishes: Koedoesrant, Kameelfontein and Vendutiedrif, Paardeberg Orange Free State; Skirmish, Cingolo, Natal
18th-27th February 1900
Battle of Paadeberg, culminating in surrender of Cronje with 4,000 Boers
19th February 1900
Engagement, Hlangwane, Natal; near Dordrecht, Cape Colony
22nd February 1900
Skirmish, Hedge Hill (Wynne's Hill), Natal
23rd-24th February 1900
Battle of Hart's Hill (Terrace Hill), Natal
23rd February 1900
Engagements: Schoemanskop, Molteno; Arundel (Kuilfontein), Colesberg
24th February 1900
Engagement, Plewman's Farm, Arundel, Colesberg
27th February 1900
Battle of Pietershoogte or Spoorwegkop, Natal; engagement , Vaalkop, Colesberg
3rd-5th March 1900
Engagement, Labuschagnesnek, Dordrecht
5th March 1900
Skirmish, Houwater, Prieska
7th March 1900
Battle of Poplar Grove, (Modderrivierpoort), Orange Free State
10th March 1900
Skirmish, Bethulie Bridge; Battle of Abrahamskraal/Driefontein, Orange Free State
13th March 1900
Roberts captures Bloemfontein
15th March 1900
Skirmish, Lobatsi (Pitsani-Potlugo), Bechuanaland
28th March 1900
Engagement, Fourteen Streams Bridge, Warrenton
29th March 1900
Engagement, Karee Station, Bloemfontein
31st March 1900
Battle of Sannah's Post ( Sannaspos), Bloemfontein; engagement near Ramathlabana (Mafeking)
3rd-4th April 1900
Battle of Mostertshoek (Reddersburg)
5th April 1900
Battle of Tweefontein (Boshof)
9th-25th April 1900
Siege of Jammerbergdrif (Wepener)
20th April 1900
Skirmish, Wakkerstroom, Dewetsdorp; Swartkoppiesfontein, Boshof, Orange Free State
22th April 1900
Skirmish: Leeuwkop, Bloemfontein, Water Works; Ysternek, Israelspoort, Thaba Nchu
28th April 1900
Engagement, Swartlapberg, Thaba Nchu
29th-1st May April 1900
Engagement, Tobaberg (Houtnek), Thaba Nchu
3rd May 1900
Engagement, Brandfort
5th-6th May 1900
Engagement, Vet River, Orange Free State
10th May 1900
Battle of Sand River, Orange Free State
10th-12th May 1900
Attack on Mafeking
13th May 1900
Skirmish, Laingsnek, Natal
17th May 1900
Relief of Mafeking
20th May 1900
Engagement: Scheepersnek, Vryheid; Renoster River, Orange Free State
25th-31st May 1900
Engagement near Lindley
26th May 1900
Skirmish: Viljoens Drift; Hammonia, Ficksburg; Rietspruit (Taaibosspruit) Orange Free State
27th May 1900
Engagement, Vlakfontein, South African Republic
28th-29th May 1900
Battle of Klipriviersberg (Doornkop), South African Republic
28th May 1900
Engagement near Kheis, Cape Colony
29th May 1900
Battle of Biddulphsberg, Orange Free State; engagement at Milldraai, Roodepoort, South African Republic
30th May 1900
Skirmish, Elandsfontein station, Germiston; Natalspruit, South African Republic; Battle of Fabersput, Cape Colony
31st May 1900
Capture of Johannesburg
2nd June 1900
Skirmish, Bronkhorstspruitstasie, South African Republic
4th June 1900
Engagement, Sesmylspruit, Irene; Incident at Zwavelkranz, Orange Free State
5th June 1900
Capture of Pretoria; skirmish, Lindley /Heilbron
6th June 1900
Skirmish, Onderstepoort, South African Republic
7th June 1900
Battle of Roodewal (Rhenoster River ), Orange Free State; Skirmish, Elands River, South African Republic
8th June 1900
Skirmish, Bothaspas; Gansvleikop, Natal
11th-12th June 1900
Battle of Donkerhoek (Diamond Hill), Pretoria
11th June 1900
Battle of Allemansnek, Natal; Skirmish, Rhenosterriver (Honingkoppies), Orange Free State
18th June 1900
Skirmish, Zoutpans Drift, South African Republic
22nd June 1900
Skirmish, America Station, Katbosch en Heuningspruitstasie, Orange Free State
23rd June 1900
Skirmish, Heidelberg, South African Republic; Vicinity of Winburg-Senekal
25th June 1900
Skirmish, Leliefontein, Senekal, Orange Free State
28th June 1900
Skirmish, Graskop, Volksrust, South African Republic
6th July 1900
Skirmish, Waterval en Vogelfontein, Bethlehem
7th July 1900
Battle of Bethlehem; Skirmish, Bapsfontein, South African Republic
9th July 1900
Engagement, Olifantsnek, South African Republic
11th July 1900
Battle of Silkaatnek; engagement at Dwarsvlei, Witpoort en Onderstepoort, South African Republic
12th July 1900
Skirmish, Paardekop en Sandspruit station, South African Republic
16th July 1900
Skirmish, Tiervlei, Rietpoort en Olifantsfontein, South African Republic; Witklip (Senekal/Bethelehem)
19th July 1900
Skirmish, Karoospruit, Palmietfontein en Tierbank, Petrus Steyn; Paardeplaats, Orange Free State
21st-22nd July 1900
Skirmish, Spitzkrans, Brandwater Basin, Orange Free State
21st July 1900
Incident, Heuningspruit station, Orange Free State; engagement, Olifantsnek, South African Republic
22nd July 1900
Skirmish, Selons River, Rustenburg; Graskop near Sandspruit Station, South African Republic
23rd July 1900
Skirmish, Retiefsnek, Slabbertsnek, Witnek, (Brandwater basin) Nelspoort and Moolmanshoek, Orange Free State; Boschpoort Drift (Wilge River ); Koster River, South African Republic
24th July 1900
Skirmish, Vredefort/Stinkhoutboom, Orange Free State; Klerksdorp; Great Olifants River , South African Republic
25th July 1900
Skirmish, Bank station (Potchefstroom); Kommandonek, Ficksburg
26th July 1900
Skirmish, Naauwpoortnek, Brandwaterkom
28th July 1900
Engagement at Slaapkrans, Brandwaterkom
30th July 1900
Prinsloo surrenders at Brandwater Basin
1st-9th August 1900
Siege, Schweizer-Reneke
2nd August 1900
Skirmish, Silkaatsnek, South African Republic
3rd August 1900
Incident, Holfontein station
4th-16th August 1900
Siege of Eland River (Brakfontein)
7th August 1900
Engagement, Tierpoort (Venterskroon); skirmish, Amersfoort (Rooikoppies)
9th August 1900
Skirmish, Leeuwfontein en Lindeques Drift, South African Republic
10th August 1900
Skirmishes, Buffelsdoorns; Beginderlyn, South African Republic
12th August 1900
Skirmishes, Modderfontein, Ventersdorp; Syferbult, South African Republic
13th August 1900
Skirmish, Klipstapel, Ermelo, South African Republic
14th August 1900
Skirmish, Carolina; engagement, Spitzkop (Rietfontein), Orange Free State
15th August 1900
Skirmish, Twyfelaar, South African Republic
16th August 1900
Skirmishes, Magatonek; Olifantsnek, South African Republic
17th August 1900
Skirmish, Kameeldrif, South African Republic
21st-27th August 1900
Battle of Bergendal (Dalmanutha), South African Republic
22nd August 1900
Skirmish, Roodepoortpas (Warmbad), South African Republic
23rd August 1900
Engagement, Ottoshoop, Geluk, South African Republic; skirmishes, Ingogo, Newcastle, Natal; Buiskoppas, Warmbad, South African Republic
24th August 1900
Skirmish, Wonderfontein (Belfast), South African Republic
25th August 1900
Skirmish, Kalkfontein, Zeerust, South African Republic
31st August 1900
Incident, Klip River stasie; engagement, Quaggafontein, Krugersdorp, South African Republic
1st September 1900
Engagement, Warmbad, South African Republic
1st-14th September 1900
Siege of Ladybrand, Orange Free State
2nd September 1900
Skirmish, Badfontein (Rietfontein) Helvetia/Lydenburg, South African Republic
4th September 1900
Engagement, Gatsrand, Transvaal; skirmish, Pan Station, Middelburg,Transvaal; Leeuw River Mills, Ladybrand, Orange Free State
8th-9th September 1900
Engagement, Paardeplaats, Lydenburg, Mauchsberg, Transvaal
11th September 1900
Skirmish, Malopo-oog, Transvaal
12th September 1900
Skirmish, Nelshoogtepas, Kaapsche Hoop, Transvaal
24th September 1900
Skirmish, Blaauwkoppie, Bethlehem, Orange Free State
26th September 1900
Skirmish, Burger Pass, Pilgrim's Rest, Transvaal
1st October 1900
Skirmish, Dejagersdr if, Blood River , Krugerspos and Pan, Transvaal
8th October 1900
Engagement, Ficksburg; Skirmish, Ventersburg Station, Orange Free State
9th-10th October 1900
Skirmish, Vlakfontein, Transvaal
9th October 1900
Skirmish, Krugersdorp (Zeekoehoek), Transvaal
10th October 1900
Skirmish, Alkmaar Station, Transvaal
12th October 1900
Skirmish, Witpoort Mapog’s ground, Transvaal
14th October 1900
Skirmish, Welgevonden (Komati River), Transvaal
16th October 1900
Attack, Jagersfontein; skirmish, Schweizer-Reneke; Klipstapel, Ermelo, Transvaal
18th-24th October 1900
Battle of Philippolis, Orange Free State
19th October 1900
Attack, Fauresmith, Orange Free State
20th-25th October 1900
Battle of Frederikstad, Transvaal
22nd October 1900
Attack, Luckhoff, Orange Free State
25th October 1900
Attack, Jacobsdal; Engagement, Damplaas, Boshof, Orange Free State
26th October 1900-3rd November 1900
Siege, Koffiefontein, Orange Free State
27th October 1900
Skirmish, Rensburgdrif, Parys, Orange Free State
2nd November 1900
Skirmish, Welgevonden (Vanwyksvlei), Belfast, Transvaal
6th November 1900
Battle of Doornkraal (Bothaville), Orange Free State
7th November 1900
Battle of Witkloof (Leliefontein), Belfast, Transvaal
10th November 1900
Skirmish, Wonderfontein, Klein-Marico, Transvaal
16th November 1900
Engagement, Klerksdorp; Skirmish, Dullstroom, Transvaal
19th November 1900
Skirmish, Balmoral and Wilge River stations, Transvaal
20th November 1900
Skirmish, Gatberg, Ugie, Cape Colony
21st-23rd November 1900
Battle of Dewetsdorp, Orange Free State
23rd November 1900
De Wet captures Dewetsdorp
27th November 1900
Skirmish, Helvetia, Dewetsdorp/Smithfield and Sanddrif, Aliwal-Noord area
28th November 1900
Skirmish, Boshof, Orange Free State; Little OlifantsRiver, Middelburg, Transvaal
29th November 1900
Battle of Rhenosterkop, Bronkhorstspruit, Transvaal
2nd December 1900
Skirmish, Utrecht, Transvaal; Goedehoop, Orange Free State
3rd December 1900
Battle of Buffelspoort (Vanwykspruit), Mooinooi, Transvaal
5th December 1900
De Wet forced to abandon attempt to enter Cape
9th December 1900
Engagement, Varkfontein, Lichtenburg/Marico, Transvaal
11th-12th December 1900
Battle, Lancasterheuwel, Vryheid, Transvaal
13th December 1900
Battle, Nooitgedacht, Magaliesberg ,Transvaal; engagement, Koesberg, Zastron, Orange Free State
19th December 1900
Skirmish, Hekpoort (Breedtsnek), Transvaal
24th December 1900
Skirmish, Edenkop, Heidelberg, Transvaal
25th December 1900
Attack, Utrecht, Natal
26th December 1900
Engagement, South Rand Mine, Greylingstad; New Kleinfontein Mine, East Rand, Transvaal; Skirmish, Houwater, Cape Colony
29th December 1900
Battle of Helvetia, Transvaal
1st January 1901
Skirmish, Cyferfontein, Transvaal
4th-31st January 1901
Attacks by De la Rey, Beyers, De Wet and Smuts
4th January 1901
Skirmish, Kromspruit, Lindley, Orange Free State
5th January 1901
Skirmish, Naauwpoort, Witwatersrand/Magaliesberg, Transvaal
7th January 1901
Attack Belfast/Machadodorp Railway line, Transvaal
19th January 1901
Skirmish, Rietfontein, Lichtenburg/Marico
26th January 1901
Skirmish, Modderfontein, Transvaal
28th January 1901
Engagement, Naauwpoort; Skirmish, Avontuur, Cape Colony
29th-30th January 1901
Battle of Modderfontein, Transvaal
6th February 1901
Battle of Chrissiemeer (Bothwell), Transvaal
12th February 1901
Engagement, Zwartkoppie, Cape Colony; Welgevonden, Amersfoort/Amsterdam, Transvaal
13th February 1901
Incident, Brugspruit, Transvaal
14th February 1901
Skirmish: Wolwekuil, Philipstown; Windhoek, Transvaal
17th February 1901
Skirmish, Gouwspan, Cape Colony
18th February 1901
Skirmish, Brakpan, Hartebeesfontein, Transvaal
27th February 1901
Skirmish, Doornkloof, Cape Colony
2nd March 1901
Attack on Lichtenburg, Transvaal
4th March 1901
Skirmish, Zuurfontein, Philippolis; Openbaar, Orange Free State
6th March 1901
Skirmish, Ventersburg, Orange Free State; Aberdeen, Cape Colony; Kommandodrif, Transvaal
7th March 1901
Engagement, Tweebosch, Transvaal; Skirmish, Petrusburg, Orange Free State
9th March 1901
Skirmish, Olievenberg/Driekop, Orange Free State
13th March 1901
Skirmish, Krugerspos, Lydenburg, Transvaal
24th March 1901
Engagement, Wildfontein, Ventersdorp, Transvaal
29th March 1901
Skirmish, Wonderfontein, Transvaal
30th March 1901
Skirmish: De Kraalen; Langdraai, Transvaal
6th April 1901
Skirmish, Zeekoeigat, near Cradock, Cape Colony
10th April 1901
Engagement, Rietspruit, Dewetsdorp, Orange Free State
16th April 1901
Engagement, Palmietfontein, Roossenekal/Dullstroom, Transvaal
17th April 1901
Skirmish, Vygehoek; Bothasberg, Transvaal
19th April 1901
Skirmish, Wagendrif; Klipspruit, Transvaal
20th April 1901
Skirmish, Moos River, Transvaal
22nd April 1901
Skirmish, Platberg, Klerksdorp, Transvaal
13th May 1901
Skirmish, Brandvlei, Klawervlei; Lekkeroog, Cape Colony
18th May 1901
Skirmish, Lambrechtfontein
21st May 1901
Engagement, Rooskloof, Noupoort, Cape Colony
25th May 1901
Skirmish, Mooifontein, Bethal/Standerton
29th May 1901
Battle of Vlakfontein
1st-2nd June 1901
Engagement, Jamestown, Cape Colony
6th June 1901
Skirmish, Graspan, Reitz
7th June 1901
Engagement, Zuurberg, Cape Colony
12th June 1901
Battle of Wilmansrust, Middelburg/ Ermelo, Transvaal
21st June 1901
Skirmish, Maraisburg (now known as Hofmeyr), Cape Colony
26th June 1901
Attack, blockhouse, Delagoa Bay railwayline, Transvaal
27th June 1901
Incident, Uitkyk Station, Transvaal
4th July 1901
Incident, Naboomspruit, Transvaal
5th July 1901
Attack Florida; Roodepoort, Transvaal
17th July 1901
Skirmish, Wildfontein, Ventersdorp, Transvaal; Engagement, Zuurvlakte, Cape Colony
20th July 1901
Skirmish, Tweefontein, Graaff-Reinet; Val Station/Vlaklaagte; Paardekop, South African Republic
21st July 1901
Attack, Bremersdorp (now known as Manzini), Swaziland; Skirmish, Jakkalsfontein, Cradock, Tweefontein, Graaff-Reinet; Incident, Beaufort West, Cape Colony
30th July 1901
Engagement, Krokodil Drift, Middelburg, Transvaal
1st August 1901
Skirmish, Grootvlei, Hoopstad
6th August 1901
Engagement, M'piaanstad, Transvaal
7th August 1901
Incident, Brandfort: blockhouse line, Orange Free State; attack Vanrhynsdorp, Cape Colony
10th August 1901
Engagement, Bethesda Road, Cape Colony
16th August 1901
Skirmish, Vrieskraal (Fourieskraal), Elands River, Transvaal
20th August 1901
Skirmish, Bronkhorstspruit Station, Transvaal
25th August 1901
Engagement, Liebenbergspan, Orange Free State
27th August 1901
Skirmish, Bastersdrif, Caledon River
31st August 1901
Incident, Waterval/Hammanskraal; engagement: Kromdraai,Transvaal; Brandwacht, Calvinia, Cape Colony
3rd September 1901
Skirmish, Klaarwater, Herschel, Cape Colony
5thSeptember 1901
Skirmish, Bouwershoek, Cradock; engagement, Rhenosterfontein, Transvaal
7th September 1901
Engagement, Moordenaarspoot, Dordrecht
10th September 1901
Engagement, Pullenshoop, Carolina, Transvaal; Engagement Driefontein, Swartberg Mountains, Cape Colony
12th September 1901
Engagement, Penhoek Pass, Cape Colony
15th September 1901
Skirmish, Tweefontein, Carolina, Transvaal
16th September 1901
Skirmish, Middeldrif, Carolina; Visserskraal, Hanover, Cape Colony
17th September 1901
Battle of Bloedrivierspoort, Transvaal/Natal; Engagement, Modderfontein (Elandsrivierpoort, Tarkastad/Cradock
19th September 1901
Skirmish, Slangfontein, Bloemfontein, Orange Free State
25th September 1901
Engagement, Fort Itala, Natal/Zoeloeland
26th September 1901
Attack Fort Prospect, Natal, Zoeloeland
30th September 1901
Battle of Moedwil, Selons River , Zeerust/Rustenburg, Transvaal
1st October 1901
Engagement, Pruisen, Potgietersrust, Transvaal Skirmish, Vaalkransnek, Transvaal
12th October 1901
Skirmish,Hoedjesbaai, Cape Colony
13th October 1901
Engagement, Geluk, Transvaal; Engagement Doringbosch, Aberdeen, Cape Colony
21st October 1901
Engagement, Steilhoogte, Sondags River, Cape Colony
24th October 1901
Engagement, Kleinfontein (Driefontein), Marico; Attack Blockhouse line, Badfontein, Transvaal
26th October 1901
Skirmish, Rietkuil, Steenkoolspruit, Transvaal
30th October 1901
Battle of Bakenlaagte, Bethal, Transvaal
31st October 1901
Engagement, Tygerhoek, Cape Colony
8th November 1901
Attack on Piketberg, Cape Colony
9th November 1901
Engagement, Voëlfontein, Cape Colony
12th November 1901
Engagement, Darling, Cape Colony
14th November 1901
Skirmish, Vaalfontein, Cape Colony
18th November 1901
Skirmish, Koningskroon, Jamestown
25th November 1901 - 5th December 1901
Battle of Tontelboskolk, Calvinia, Cape Colony
29th November 1901
De Wet attacks convoy near Speyfontein
3rd December 1901
Engagement, Blockhouse line, Dalmanutha Station, Transvaal
4th December 1901
Engagement, Oshoek, Ermelo, Transvaal
16th December 1901
Engagement, Senekal, Blockhouse line, Hanover Station, Cape Colony
17th December 1901
Johannesburg Stock Exchange reopened
18th December 1901
Skirmish, Tierkloof, Bethlehem/Harrismith, Orange Free State
19th December 1901
Engagement: Holland, Ermelo; Elandspruit, Dullstroom, Transvaal
20th December 1901
Engagement, Tafelkop, Frankfort/Vrede, Orange Free State
23rd December 1901
Engagement, Randberg, Transvaal; Skirmish, Clanwilliam/ Calvinia, Cape Colony
25th December 1901
De Wet captures Tweefontein camp; Battle of Groenkop (Tweefontein, Krismiskop), Harrismith, Orange Free State
4th January 1902
Defeat of British unit near Ermelo; Skirmish, Bankkop (Onverwacht), Ermelo
18th January 1902
Engagement, Spitskop, Ermelo; Skirmish, Doorn Bay, Cape Colony
19th-24th January 1902
Attack, concentration camp/ blockhouse line, Pietersburg, Transvaal
24th January 1902
Engagement, Boschmansfontein, Transvaal
2nd February 1902
Engagement, Waterval, Cape Colony
3rd February 1902
Engagement, Roodekraal, Reitz
5th February 1902
Convoy captured near Beaufort West; Engagement, Gruisfontein, Transvaal; Uitspanningsfontein, Fraserburg, Cape Colony
5th-6th February 1902
Skirmish, Middelpos, Sutherland/Calvinia, Cape Colony
7th February 1902
De Wet breaks through blockhouse line
9th February 1902
Engagement, Palmietfontein, Orange Free State
10th February 1902
Engagement, Aties, Calvinia/Clanwilliam, Cape Colony
14th February 1902
Engagement, Krantz, Vredendal, Cape Colony
17th February 1902
Engagement, Wasberg, Kimberley, Cape Colony
18th February 1902
Engagement, Klippan, Nigel, Transvaal
20th February 1902
Skirmish, Bothasberg, Middelburg, Transvaal
23rd February 1902
Skirmish, Kalkkrans (Langverwacht), Holspruit, Orange Free State
25th February 1902
Battle of Ysterspruit, Klerksdorp, Transvaal
7th March 1902
Battle of Tweebosch (De Klipdrif), Sannieshof, Transvaal
20th-28th March 1902
Siege, Fort Hendrina, Transvaal
31st March 1902
Battle of Boschbult, Brakspruit, Transvaal
1st April 1902
Engagement near Boschmanskop, Transvaal; Attack, Springbok, Cape Colony
4th-2nd May April 1902
Smuts lays siege to O 'Kiep, Cape Colony
8th April 1902
Engagement, Hartenbosch, Bultfontein; Attack, Blockhouse line, Steenkampskop, Fouriesburg, Orange Free State
11th April 1902
Battle of Roodewal, Transvaal
28th April 1902
Skirmish, Bloemfontein/Dewetsdorp, Orange Free State
3rd May 1902
Engagement, The Willows, Middelburg, Cape Colony
20th May 1902
Engagement, Marais Station, Cape Colony

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