Extract from "British Commanders in the Transvaal War 1899-1900" published by W.D. & H.O. Wills Ltd:


of "Khartoum" fame, was born in 1850. After a military education at Woolwich he entered the Royal Engineers in 1871, and has since become one of our most distinguished Generals, his determination and powers of administration being his predominant characteristics. After serving in the Soudan Campaigns of 1883-5 and 1888-9, he was appointed to the supreme command of the Egyptian Army in 1890. His career in Egypt was an unbroken succession of triumphs, crowned by a brilliant victory at Omdurman, where Mandism received its death blow at his hands. He was present at the re-capture of Khartoum, for which distinction he was raised to the peerage, and received other honours.

In December, 1899, upon Lord Roberts' appointment in South Africa, Lord Kitchener was called from the Soudan to become Chief-of-Staff, and has demonstrated to the English nation his great qualities of generalship by his share in the remarkable British success of Majuba Day, February 27th, when General Cronje and 4,600 Boers laid down their arms at Paardeberg.

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