Extract taken from 'Our Regiments in South Africa' by John Stirling
published by Naval and Military Press Ltd

THE 2nd Battalion sailed on the Assaye about 4th January 1900, and arrived at the Cape about the 23rd. Along with the 2nd Norfolk Regiment, 1st K.O.S.B., and 2nd Lincolns, they formed the 14th Brigade under Brigadier-General Chermside, and part of the VIIth Division commanded by Lieut.-General Tucker. The work of the brigade and division is sketched under the 2nd Norfolk Regiment.

At Karee Siding on 29th March 1900 the battalion's losses were 1 officer and 11 men wounded. The battalion had no heavy fighting in the advance to Pretoria. After the occupation of the capital the 14th Brigade was detailed to garrison the city and neighbourhood.1

The battalion was present at the ceremony of proclaiming the annexation of the Transvaal on 25th October 1900.2

Eleven officers and 13 non-commissioned officers and men were mentioned in Lord Roberts' final despatch.

During the latter part of the campaign the battalion was chiefly employed on garrison duty in the Transvaal, being for some time at the much-to-be-avoided Koomati Poort. They also held other posts near the eastern border. They had no costly fighting, but by a railway accident near Barberton on 30th March 1902 they had the grievous misfortune to lose 40 men killed and about 50 injured.

The Mounted Infantry company, acting with Colonel Pulteney and General Plumer, was present at the action of Onverwachte, Volksrust district, on 4th January 1902, when the Boers, who had been retiring during the forenoon, suddenly turned and attacked the advance-guard when at their dinners. The company held their ground well against an overwhelming force until assistance came up. Their losses were 7 killed and 1 officer and about 4 men wounded.

In Lord Kitchener's final despatch 4 officers and 4 non-commissioned officers were mentioned.

1 Lord Roberts' despatch of 14th August 1900.
2 Lord Roberts' telegram of 25th October 1900.

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